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Anna D

Palo Alto, CA

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​​Chris L

Los Angeles, CA

Our Reviews

In an industry where customer satisfaction is always the priority, we want you to hear what our clients are saying about us. 

Gene Marks

Phoenix, AZ​

Totally rocked a request for a letter to be delivered, signed and returned to us within a very tight time-frame.  Succeeded where FedEx twice failed to deliver as promised.

Called from my work (Madison Law Group), we're located in Los Angeles, we needed to pick-up a bicycle from Stockton CA, they accepted and got it within 30 minutes.  Thea had it packaged and delivered within the hour after pick-up.  Amazingly fast and very enjoyable to work with, wish they lived closer because in Los Angeles we don't see their kind of customer service much!

Thanks again!

"Over the past two decades Thea's Delivery Service including Thea herself, and her crew, have been the answer to our prayers many times. They are prompt, accurate, 100% dependable, and we trust them completely. They have picked up and delivered our mail for years, made urgent trips to get supplies, moved large items, taken items to and from storage facilities and our offices, and we count on them for a vast variety of errands, deliveries and all sorts of special projects. Thea's Delivery Service has been a real contributor to our company's growth!"

Stockton, CA

Support your local business!!  Thea is by far the best courier service I have ever worked with!!  Punctual, professional and a pleasure to work with!  Keep up the great work.